Something Impressive

What’ll You have?

March 1, 2009

Pabst Blue Ribbon.

  • Dave

    Another winner! I was initially disheartened that these weren’t things you created — but upon closer inspection, they really are awesome enough to be called “Something Impressive.”

  • Leprous

    Ahhhh, I remember it well. Dad and his Papst. Mom waiting for him to get home and beat the papst out of her. Then my little sisters screams for help as daddy dear set his shinny papst can down to crawl on top of her. Thats when I made my move. Right for the Papst! And the rest is history. Now I have my own papst and my own daughter! Yeahhhhhhh buddy. Heres to ya pops!

  • Dan

    Fuck yeah, PBR rules. You and your blog are fucking cool dude.

  • Kelly