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Found V-Day List

April 9, 2009

I found this in the rain the right before Valentines Day.  I lost it in a pocket and found it again to scan for your enjoyment.  Click to make big.

My favorites are

  • HAT-BCAP (which I imagine means anything but “baseball cap”)
  • IPOD Machine
  • Ghost Sountrack

Let me know if you can decipher anything else.

  • Dave

    At the top:

    Gloves (?)
    Poles (?)

    COLONE (Colene?)
    Lotion (Nice. Am I right?)
    DEOD (?)
    iPod Machine
    Matthiew (Person? Dog? Stuffed animal?)

    H2O @ Banana (?)
    Chips (I agree, not always classified as food)
    Dog Food / Pills (for the dog?)
    Collars / Leashes
    Pack Up
    Pata Coat (A coat by Patagonia?)
    Hat – BCAP
    Running Tights
    Running Top

    • admin

      Wow Dave, I think the impressive part about this post is your ability to decipher this list.

  • Page 2
    Left side

    Annie Lennox
    Say (Lisa Loeb – Stay???)
    Minnie Driver
    True Colors (Cyndi Lauper)
    Van Morrison – I Love You
    George Strait
    Savage Garden <—- Bwahahahahahah11!
    Nina song ??? (RHCP)
    Rod Stewart
    Taylor Swift – Fearless
    Shawn Colvin – When You Know
    Savage Garden – Hold Me <— OMFG!!1

  • Katie

    most definitely “deodorant”.
    looks like a list of things to buy for different people/places/trips

  • Page 2 – ??? third down = ‘matt nathanson’….good artist…he is mentioned a few other times…on both pages actually…his song called – ‘all we are’.

  • AND PS. – Savage garden was cool in like grade 5.