Something Impressive

Goddamn Doorjam

April 10, 2009

When I first moved into my new apartment, I walked around taking pictures of potential damaged stuff for evidence against slumlords.  I stepped inside my closet, turned around and noticed a piece of paper stuck in the door jam.  I took it out and delicately unfolded it, and read aloud the note to my dad, who just happened to be on the phone with me at the time.

He didn’t understand that I was reading a note, which made the whole thing even funnier, especially if you know my dad.  I searched all over the place trying to find other hidden notes and found two more, also in door jams.

Today, I bring theses notes back from the innocent world of 1982, where young women were free to dream of sucking cock with parents in the other room.

  • Veronica

    oh man…. treasures untold

  • My eyesight must be bad as I can’t read them. 🙁

  • Steven

    haha..awesome…and free

  • Joe

    This “Gerry” must be like 35 now…

  • nicole

    i like how in the second note her handwriting gets dramatically worse…i wonder why.. 😉

  • trip

    your all blind,in the first note she says she was born in 1965,and shes now 17 in 1972.