Something Impressive

My Alarm Clock

April 24, 2009

This is the alarm clock I’ve used since I was about 13.  I see no reason to change it because it works fine.  Thanks ’90s.

Update:  Reply to the first comment and an additional picture of my Nickelodeon lamp which is also present on my nightstand.

  • Robert Frost

    Ya, that’ll get you laid.

    • lizziemoser

      uhm i would lay him

      • loverofgeeks


      • JACster


    • Leprous

      Only if your a gay clock fucker

      • Thomas

        I don’t know. It certainly lacks the style I’d expect of a gay clock.

    • Anonymous

      Doube ditto

      • Anonymous

        And by “doube” i mean double

  • AssholeFucker

    This is definitely photoshopped… it’s easy to tell since the pixels don’t line up like they would in a non-shopped picture. I think I would know, I’ve seen many shops in my lifetime.

    • Anonymous

      i totally agree

    • James Rosenburg

      Dear God you’re an idiot.

    • why would this be a photoshopped alarm clock? and if it was, who cares.

    • Impresser

      • fodigg

        holy shit no joke.

        Look at these angry replies. I had no idea the whole “tis shopped” hook was so solid.

        • Anonymous

          word. Bitches need to read up on their calssic memes.

    • Collin

      No, no, no this is real, I swear. I had this when I was a kid too! Granted, I no longer use it but it is real.

    • J

      I see no such evidence. And besides, why would the author bother to create something as tedious as that? In addition, the 90s DID happen.

    • Leprous

      Go fuck another shit invested asshole, you asshole. Why the fuck would anyone (except you) take the time to photoshop a gay clock. Good God already!

    • garrett

      Its real moron, i also used to have one

    • Asshole Fucker 2

      The only way this is not photoshoped, is if it didn’t exist, hence: its shopped. Bunch of idiots don’t understand theory.

    • me

      you are photoshopped

    • I hate it when people say “Photoshopped”. You know there are other programs out there for image editing? I used The GIMP under Linux for image editing.

      Not everything is “Photoshop”

    • hfmsn

      why would you even bother photoshopping this…

  • FGY

    I had that when I was a kid.
    Fun Memories. 🙂

  • Nex

    BAD. ASS.

  • Ru

    Oh my god, I used to have the same thing when I was younger. I wonder why I threw it away. It worked so much better than the one I have now.

  • Moshjosh

    Epic. Its graphical style reminds me of “Saved by the Bell”s opening credits.

  • kz

    dude, I’ve used that clock since I was six. It was a Christmas present.

  • I had that! 😀

  • Holy crap!

    Holy crap! i had that exact same alarm clock when i was a kid lol… man that takes me back…

  • Kyle

    That’s awesome and I’m jealous. I used to have the same one.

  • ohmy

    I’m ridiculously jealous.

  • Zephan H

    Just stumbled on this, and had to comment because I haven’t seen a Nickelodeon alarm since I got rid of mine in the ’90s. Brings back memories.

  • i miss the 90’s, everything was cooler when i was a kid

  • Caitlin

    i envy your alarm clock.. i wonder if i could find one on ebay.

  • SaraAnn

    Yes! I had the exact same one! What a flashback…rock on!

  • Barbi

    I had this! It had that insane trumpet alarm.

  • Terry

    @Robert Frost – I’d sleep with him, but never a pretentious jerk like you.

  • I will call you out

    Dear “AssholeFucker”,

    Excuse me, Mr. Butt Pirate, but I must say… this is most definitely NOT photoshopped. What breed of imbecile are you?

    • M

      The kind only found in the depths of the internet slums?

    • Anonymous

      I think he was taking the piss.

  • Anonymous

    The 90-s were shopped as well

  • Anonymous

    thats my alarm clock too

  • anu


  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck tags this shit on stumble? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a b.a. alarm clock and all, I just don’t see why anyone would stumble it.

    • Impresser

      Stumble on my wayward son
      There’ll be peace when you are done
      Lay your weary head to rest
      Don’t you cry no more

  • Boxxy

    I still have this alarm clock. And I get laid.
    Because I am Boxxy, you see?

  • Anonymous

    That’s awesome! I saw that clock when I was about 12 and wanted one really bad. I still think it’s a neat clock!

  • Britty

    I had one too. Why did I ever get rid of it?!? It was awesomeeeee.



  • Herr Darmarbeiter


  • Grant

    TAKING PICTURES AT 11:27!!!!!

  • A A

    This reply is photoshopped. It’s not text; it’s a solid image imitating lines of text. If you’re able to select portions of this text with your mouse or mouth, like you usually can with text, then this is also a virus, and illegal drugs.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s the clock on ebay. Now it’s settled

  • Margl

    I’m aboslutely shocked, i have that exact same clock
    I hated it one of the alarms was the loudest thing youll ever wake up too

  • Isabella

    I totally have that clock. I used to listen to the radio on it while I played the original Diablo.

    Man, that brings back some memories.

  • Anonymous

    my cuz also had one of those. good memories good memories

  • my gad!!

    i only laugh at the idiots who think EVERYTHING is a creation/modification made on photoshop..

    I used to love waking up to that insane laugh..!

  • Anonymous

    No way! I still have one of these too! Although, I have since graduated to a different clock.

  • Anonymous

    oh wow i have that!! i still use it today….soo cool!

  • Anonymous

    i have the same one and still use it like 8 years later….arent the alarm options sick?

  • pickletits

    is he a faggot?

  • Moses

    To Anon above… I tag this shit on stumble:) clock rocks ass

  • mikelackey

    i had that same clock.. badass

  • old school

    that’s tight want to sell it? I’ll trade you my Bose iPod Hook up or give you $50 er maybe not. Any way love the trip down memory lane. and fuck the Photoshop trolls they’re just jealous that they don’t have one and that they have to pirate anything adobe because they still live in mom and dads basement and are like 35.

  • Joe


    Holy moley, I nostalgia’d.

  • Ha! That’s awesome, I had one of those when I was a kid too..trying to remember what the alarms were..Reveille, radio, and a few me out ;-P

  • Anonymous

    Oh fuck. I’ve got one of these back at my mom’s house still. Nostalgia’d.

  • seattle

    FUCK YEAAAAAAAAAH!!! I got the same one, had it as long as i can remember (now 23) and i now feel really awesome and validated by this website. THANKS HOMIE!

  • Thera

    I didn’t have this clock, but I did have an 80’s alarm clock in high school… through college… I finally got tired of it and my mother took it. She still uses it.

  • Neverlost

    After seeing this I headed straight to ebay to find one!

  • rly

    its funny that you ask why it is tagged on stumble… your retarded comments are the reason it is tagged, not the clock… lawl.

  • apro

    I have the exact same clock, I love it

  • Jess

    My sister totally had the phone to match that… She won it from a contest in the Nick magazine.

  • Anonymous

    your all assholes except for the guy who posted this. You rock.

    • ben

      ha I love my nickelodeon alarm clock as well.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    OMG i have the matching telephone!

  • Anonymous

    thats newfag shit

  • Lexa

    dude, I love you… nickelodian was the shit

    • Anonymous

      If “nickelodian” was the shit then why can’t you spell it right?

      • Catastrophic

        well you dont have to be a DICK about it .

        • TheGabe


      • Anonymous

        OK if you’re going to insult someone on their spelling at least spell “Nickelodeon” right, i mean come on, its on the picture

  • Anon

    this isnt 4chan. and saying something like that would suggest youre in fact the new fag. lurk moar. i remember richard c. mongler and happy negro and talking about the good ol 90s in which we grew up. props to this alarm and props for still having it.

  • tidas

    holy shit i used to have that i wonder were i put it

  • Anonymous

    i saw this at radioshack. once. i dreamed of the day i could have it. but i never saw it again.

    where have you been all my life, radio?

  • Michael Fionn

    THis is awesome!I still have this clock too!

  • Michael Fionn

    ths is awesome I have this clock too

  • Steven

    holy crap i used to have one. stumble rocks, you rock too

    • Anonymous

      stumble is amazing 😀

  • Anonymous

    I want one

  • Anonymous

    I had one of those. Unfortunately, it broke on me a few years back…

  • Anonymous

    i had a camera that was just like this

  • this smells like my grandmas balls. recycle your old shit and get laid more.

  • Nigel

    Holy fuck shit, I used to have one of those. I need to find it again.

  • Anonymous


    • TheGabe


    • FC

      ahhhh F U!

    • anon


  • Anonymous

    IZ that green slime at the top of the alarm?

  • Jaspar

    I have that too. I used it until about 11th grade and its in the basement. =)

  • Mina

    I remember always wanting to have those random Nickelodeon products they made. This was one of them.

  • sami.

    I totally used to have two of those!! hah. it rocked. I forgot why I got rid of it! 🙁

    • aaron

      it’s callled verb agreement

      • Anonymous

        its called a dick in your butt, stop correcting peoples grammer like a cunthole

        • It’s “grammar”.

  • James

    I remember wanting one of those.

  • Anonymous

    The game. You just won it.

  • Anonymous


    fucking shit, i loved it. I forgot what happened to it though

    all the sounds it had were awesome

  • TheGabe

    I wish I did though it’s bitchin.

  • Peter

    I have the same alarm clock! Believe it or not, it’s the one I currently use, too!

  • Anonymous

    I have the same alarm clock!!

  • Torch

    This is stupid. I found this while stumbling. What a wasted stumble. You get a thumbs down. Who gives a crap about anyone using the same old piece of junk alarm clock they had since they were young?

    • Anonymous

      quit your bitching

  • Kiwi


  • flarnboggleton

    I was going to post here but it looks like only complete assholes are allowed.

  • durp

    I am surprised at the lack of understanding of rules 1 and 2 on this shit. newfags.

  • Justice

    ZIM! This is an Invader ZIM! alarm clock isn’t it? I’d recognize Jhonen Vasquez’s design style anywhere.


    ‘Shopped. I can tell by the pixels. I’ve seen a lot of shops in my day.

    • Me

      “Shopped” ….I didn’t know they still let morons in the internet. Not every pictured is PHOTOshopped.

  • Ludoface

    I used to have one of these as well when i was younger.

    however the flashing lights and the way the sounds blasted through the speakers, often shocked me awake to the point of having seizures on a few occasions.
    thusly, I had to get rid of it.

    Glad to see someone is still using one though! I loved that thing regardless.

  • Very cool. I saw this, thought, “I gotta get one of these for my kids” because they’re really into older novelty things (aka- I refuse to let them get into modern toys aimed at children). Check ebay. I found two, neither of which was under $40. Wow. Be happy you kept yours, and in good condition.

    • Impresser

      You know, yesterday when this post first went up they were under 20 bucks on ebay. This post has jumped the market value, so wait until things die down and check again.

      • I’ll have to make a mental note to do that. Funny how that happens. Neat as it is, I won’t be paying $50. Maybe at some point, it’ll be a bit better.

  • noko


  • Chuckle

    stumble is great for this

  • Anonymous

    I used that exact clock for a long time.

  • Anonymous

    stumble brought me here as well



  • Lok

    Dear god, I need one of these. Good old 90’s.

  • rice

    i still have this and it still works as well! i always had the knob turned to the ‘3..2..1..’ whatever it was alarm and i pressed the demo button at least once a day. very cool alarm clock i really dig the green light thing.

  • chris

    I think I used to have one of those… If only I had the foresight to have kept it

  • Matt

    HAHA OMG i havent thought about that thing in soooo long
    i love the alarm it does
    3 2 1 THEN THAT TRUMPET SONG then that clock noise those bouncy noises then NICK NICK NICK NICKELODEON!!

  • Gabe

    Jesus you just gave me major nostalgia. I got this clock when I was 6, and sometime since then it has gotten lost in the depths of time. Sigh. Lucky bastard.

  • camtron


  • cary

    My brother and I had the same one! I love it! 😀

  • Nate

    Jesus, I still use mine. These things are built to last forever.

  • Joe

    I had this alarm up until last year too! sadly we sold it in a garage sale. I might go looking for another one since my “contemporary” one is shit.

  • Anonymous


  • othyrc33

    ive had this for a really long time
    it is insane.

    • Oh my God, you are such a retard!

      • Rep

        who the hell are you and what are you doing in my internet

    • hey, i have that clock

    • Sammy_C

      That is SO AWESOME…

    • AddyDaddy

      totally KICKASS!!

    • Yoshisuds

      I actually have the cassette player that has the Nickelodeon theme. I got it when i was in elementary school and I still have it.

  • Nate

    I no longer have mine, but that crazy alarm tone haunts me in my dreams to this day.

  • I love it!!! It’s the classic stuff you are born to love

  • matt

    dude i used to have that exact clock. it was pimpin

  • 1701Abbicus

    I remember that clock. I used to have one too. It would always scare the shit outa me though with the countdown.

    • Anonymous

      i used to wake up to the countdown and then scramble to shut it off before the obnoxious trumpets could start, usually falling out of bed trying

  • snow kitty

    i remember it, i wonder what ever happened to mine =[
    the green glow was kinda eerie

  • lol, I had that when I was like 10… I think I sold it at a garage sale…

  • If that were for sale today, I would buy one!

  • juiikhuik

    I have one of these. I’ve had it since they first came out. Still works great. No other alarm clock is quite as loud as this one.

  • My alarm clock, while not as…colorful…as that one is my oldest possession and in fact dates back to the early eighties. I’ve thought about getting a new one from time to time, but then it does what an alarm clock is supposed to, tell time and wake me up. Plus, I’m keen to see how long it will last. I think it might survive me.

  • Thomas

    I had the same alarm clock. Counts down before it starts playing bugle music, right? Big red button is the snooze, the wavy line lights up. Man that think was awesome.

  • Anonymous

    I used to have that clock too. Oh the nostalgia… it broke a few years ago

  • Anonymous

    duuuuude i miss mine. the alarm stopped making sound and the big button broke off. i miss it’s trumpet blast sooooo much

  • Matt

    OMG! i used to have that too when i was like 12!! thats amazing that youve kept it all these years!

    thats seriously brings back some memories. i wonder if they have some on ebay…

  • Matt

    that and the yakbak

  • Grant

    Yes, but did you have the matching phone as well?

  • Anonymous

    I saw one of these at a Goodwill the other day for about $2 and seriously considered purchasing it

  • tom

    I’ve got the same one… i use it to listen to the radio in the shower every day. Thanks 90’s

  • estefax

    totally cool!

  • rynnie

    I used to have that too 🙂 and yes… it was a race to shut it up before the trumpets lol

  • reuben

    Thats a wikked alarm clock i want it!!!!

  • stephan

    OMG I thought I was the only person who has been using that clock since I needed an alarm in JR high school.

    Don’t let anyone knock your clock man, it works better than most I have found AND it still works.

    Of course now any time I hear the Nickelodeon slogan I cringe.
    Yea I’m 24 now.

  • Jacqui

    I so totally used to have this.
    Mine unfortunately did stop working, the alarm stopped sounding.
    I’m sad about it too, I would totally love to have this again.

    …oh, memories.

  • gangster of the sea

    WOW!! i used to have this exact same clock! i totally forgot about it until i saw this… wonderful!

  • llamagirl

    I have this too! I was actually thinking about digging it out of my parents basement before I move. It was a great alarm clock, though I do remember the “Ni-ni-ni-nick nick nick Nickelodeon!” alarm got pretty annoying after awhile.

  • Augh! I forgot all about this until I stumbled it here! I need one!

  • Merik

    My little brother threw it against the wall one day. It was a tragedy to rival Shakespearean work.

  • Aaron

    I HAVE THIS ALSO, still works and i love the alarms for it, used to be the only thing that could get me up

    • jon

      still have mine 🙂

  • Yvonne

    I still have that clock in my closet somewhere…. lol

  • Kyle

    I used to love that thing! I have never been able to take care of stuff though – so it’s been gone a Loooong time.

  • shane


  • That’s fine!

  • Datura

    I used to have this alarm clock. I spent many mornings unplugging that asshole.

  • Thomas

    OMG LOLZX!!!! i had this when i was 10, 12, 13!!!! what was that like 5 years ago or something?

  • Oh man! I had that clock until I was 20 or so. There was a song in 2Xtreme for the PS1 that had a little bit that sounded like the little countdown on this clock, and every time I heard it, I would shudder.

  • .porphyria.

    I’ll buy it off you!

  • SCADie

    why would someone shoop a clock into
    and image…and even if they did, it’s not
    like the clock is made in PS so…it exists
    somewhere and isn’t this picture more
    about the novelty of the clock and not
    the location?

  • Bowman

    I had that same one too, don’t know where it is now

  • Liz

    That clock was evil — the countdown sequence still gives me nightmares…. sadly, mine is no longer thanks to trusty bedside hammer.

  • steve

    haha no way i use that alarm clock! i won it when i was like 12 or some shit

  • Anonymous

    I used to beg my parents to buy this for me and they never did! 🙁

  • britni

    wow i had this alarm clock too…. it was my FAVORITE too bad its gone to the great nightstand in the sky now

  • Lizzie

    I had a phone like that…actually two (one for my sister and one for me) but we broke both of them…DX

  • Jamie

    Wow! i still have mine as well! but the red button fell off. A real chick magnet when you bring your date home… apparently it’s “cute”, therefore makes me “sexy”? i don’t see the connection but im not complaining.

  • kicker3000

    u wanna make some money? ill buy it from you just name a price.. i have been looking for another one for a while now and cant find on anywhere
    kicker3000 at

  • melissa

    where can i buy one of these please help me i want one of these soo bad…?

  • fuuuuck

    i remember that clock.. i wish i still had it…

  • April

    Oh my god I completely forgot about my first alarm clock ever until I saw this… I had that EXACT same one probably a decade ago.

    Thank you for the massive flashback!

  • Sean

    I remember having that. It was so awesome.

  • Lee

    OMG! I still use this same alarm clock. Ive had it about for about 11years. I had the walkman but my school principal took it from me and I never got it back. I feel so good that there is someone still out there like me.

  • I have that same clock. I can’t wake up without that foghorn.

  • AshGavs

    Oh how I miss that alarm clock!!

  • JTX

    oh you lucky son of a bitch.

  • Mandy

    I have that one too! Had it since I was 8. I’m 22 now and it still works perfectly!

  • ryan

    Ha, mine broke

  • Don

    I wish I had that clock; but I do have a Taz the Tasmanian Devil alarm clock that I’ve had since I was 7 or 8. I’m almost 19 now.

  • Dan

    I’ve had one since I was 9 and I’m turning 24 this year…still works great!

  • Dylan

    Dude, i totally have that clock sitting in my dorm right now, and i feel the same way, why throw it away if its not broken!

  • kat

    dude to the owner of the clock keep on rocking the things of our generation you rock!!!! ^_^ if i had known how much id miss mine id have held on to it

  • Sean

    OMG! I have this thing! It still works great and I use it as a radio in my shower! 😀 THIS IS AWESOME!

  • Anonymous

    I had this clock!! Awesome!!

  • Anonymous

    no fuckin way….i used to have this and i though that i was the only one. i frickin love that

  • Hey everyone, just to lay out my point,1.) no this is not photoshopped, 2.) I owned this when I was a kid,
    3.) I broke it on purpose not much later, (one of the alarm settings was the “nickelodeon” song)
    4.) I kind of miss it now that I’m older…

  • A comma goes inside quotes; faggot

    Man, don’t act cute, that’s spelling not grammar. No one gives a fuck about spelling. Grammar though… That’s some serious shit.

  • Liz

    Anyone who thinks this is shopped is fucking retarded. Lol.

    I miss mine. D: I think it got trashed before I hit highschool.

  • iliikepie

    A lot of comments on here are about wanting to buy one of these for a high price on ebay. Last time I was at Goodwill I saw this clock for for about 3 dollars.

  • Alexandria

    I have it <3

  • Greg B

    I HAD THIS WHEN I WAS A KID 😀 oh wow this brings back memories

  • Christi

    I didn’t have one of these but I always wanted one! 🙂

  • becca

    hell yeah~ In college and I STILL have it. I’m not getting another until they make one just like this one for adults. XDD I love that little lever.

    And the count down before the loud noise is one of my favorite things. It gives me a chance to get up and shut it up before it gets too loud.

  • honeychild1212

    My sister used to have one just like that. 😀 I loved it when I was a kid.

    Frakin awesome, I’d totally use it.

  • Cologuy1984

    I have mine still. I use it every day and it rocks. And while it hasn’t specifically gotten me laid, it is so badass that it doesn’t hurt.

  • misfits

    i have one 2 hjahjahjaj since i was like 10

  • Anonymous

    This is definitely real. I had it when I was a kid too.

  • Anonymous

    I had the same one!! It use to wake me up for grade school. This post makes me soooo nostalgic! I should have never thrown mine out 🙁 ..NIC-NA-NIC-NIC-NIC-NA-NIC-NIC-NIC-NICKALODEOOOON!!! 😀

  • Ethan

    Dude. I have that still too. It’s still on my nightstand, but I unplugged it cause it’s annoying.

  • Elizab

    I as well own one of these clocks. I enjoy the trumpet alarm.

  • ALiGurl

    I had this clock in highschool, i would still use it if i still had it , was the best sound to wake up to ever.

  • Sageona Piccirillo

    haha it is definitely not photoshopped. i’ve been using one for so long idk when or how i got it. it wasnt until this year when i went to college that i got a new one lmao.

  • It was a joke!

    Dear God people he was joking! Have any of you a sense of humor? Could you actually be that dim witted as to believe he really thinks that over it being an old over-used meme?

    Sorry I don’t normally comment on blogs but you all astound me.

  • Bl___k

    What the hell man, What kind of sleeper are you? You’ve had this clock how long and not once have you thrown it into the wall hard enough for it to kill it?

  • Kalifah

    Oh shit I used to have that clock when I was little !! Good times.. good times..

  • Andy

    I have the same alarm clock!!!!! nick nick nick nick nick nick nick nick, nickolodeon!!!! awesome 😛

  • Chris

    that clock is awesome the comments after it even more awesome! i love the interwebs

  • Lelele

    Oh mai gahd. This is awesome. I am jealous. What the fuck. I want. *_*

  • Do you have any suggestions of a good book that my boiefyrnd and I could read together? We were talking about our quiet times the other day, and thought it might be a good way for us to get to know another side of eachother. I’m not sure if we’re ready to take on Love and Respect yet, any other thoughts?

  • Cristin

    I used to have this alarm clock. I had it from about age 8 to about 20. I loved it so much. Revile woke me up out of a dead sleep. The only reason I don’t have it anymore is because it got so old that it started to short when it would go off. When the light on top would start going off with the alarm it would short and kick the alarm off. =[ I’m in the market for a new one!

  • Cristin

    ** Reveille hahahahaha revile?

  • Miles

    I had this alarm clock as a little kid.
    I broke the red button on top with my fist because the alarm was so annoying that I had to jump out of bed and slam it out of frustration.
    It was a cute little thing, it worked like a charm.
    This isn’t photoshopped.

  • Taylor

    I currently have one of these! The button is broken but it still works!

  • checkplus

    Yep, I wake up to this every morning. My parents got it for me when I was little because it did the old Nickelodeon theme(my name is Nick)