Something Impressive

This Will Get Me Laid.

April 24, 2009

Re: my last post.  Suck on that, Internet.

  • Anonymous

    fuck year

  • LuLu

    omg. you! Thats amazing.

  • Chris

    I read the comments on your last post. Those guys are a bunch of low life’s. Keep representing our generation, thats what Im saying. A generation those kids on your other post will never understand. The ironic part is, most of them are sitting in front of their computer, posting calling our generation gay… and they sit there probably still a virgin, with a sponge bob rug in the background. The alarm clock is freaking awesome, makes mine look plane.. haha.

  • Anon

    reminds me of those roo shoes with the little condom pockets or whatever haha. are you afraid of the dark man? HAH

  • Derek

    Dude…I have the same alarm clock, and have also used it since. Why fix what ain’t broke?

  • Anon

    If i was with a guy, unsure if I wanted to sex him, and the he pulls a durex condom from the little drawer in is nickelodeon lamp next to his nickelodeon radio clock… it’d be a wrap! 😉

  • Maddox


  • Alix

    I love you.

  • Dude, this is awesome! I used to have the cassette tape stereo that matched those. I always wanted to get the alarm clock to match. Never seen the lamp, but it’s bad-ass.

    Is it just me or do they not build toys to the same level of quality these days?

  • ColorMe

    Does that lamp have a tape dispenser?

    • Impresser

      You bet your ass it does.

  • hot.

  • duh

    Hmmm, your bed, wall, and night table changed from first post to last. I don’t know what’s worse- actually having this lamp, or pretending to.

    • Moses

      he moved the lamp and alarm clock to get the shot together. This isn’t how he has it set up in his room. The shot from last post was where it actually is. That is why the walls and stand look different. Why does everyone need to believe everything is photoshopped?

    • ColorMe

      Yeah people on the internet are insane. I’ve been in his apartment he has the fucking lamp. Although technically this picture has been photoshopped.

    • M

      Neither? That setup is fucking awesome!

  • teo

    Got WOW.

  • Anonymous

    i think you won the internet.

    good deal man 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Oh my goodness. I haven’t seen this thing in so long! I don’t remember how long I had it when I was younger. That thing was awesome.

  • karson

    hot damn, that is sexy.

  • Edi

    Oh baby 😉

  • Maverick

    Shit yeah! That is pretty much the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. I wish I had that setup.

  • Dom

    Ha Ha That’s amazing! If I could track those down in the UK I’d throw my digital radio out of the window so fast that it’d hit the floor at least a minute before anyone heard it smash.
    You win.

  • Jesssica Lee

    I’d give you a go. I <3 the nineties.

  • nicole

    brilliant. and yes, in my book that would get you laid hah

  • mark

    haha i have the same alarm clock. ive had it for many years

  • Justin

    Ha! I was born in the 90’s and raised in them. I loved Nickelodeon, I unfortunately never had any of the products though

  • god, i remember how the alarm would scare the shit out of me when i was a kid.

    what noises does it make, i remeber trumpets and a bomb dropping…

  • Kelli

    I feel like a condom being under that kind of direct heat would make the condom vulnerable to breaking.

  • evan

    i used to have that damn alarm clock it had the weirdest wake up thing but it would def get me into a girls pants

  • magdala

    this WILL get you laid.

  • Steve

    I TOTALLY HAD THIS DESK LAMP WHEN I WAS A KID. Btw, you’re missing the calculator that fits in that space in the center.

  • Anonymoose

    WARNING! Results may vary. I tried to emulate the setup seen in this picture, and did NOT get “laid.”

  • com mentor

    you may get laid but it wil prolly be buttsecks

  • myers

    best alarm clock i ever owned, i was awake and slamming the button before the countdown, the loud ass rumbling would wake me up!

  • 2 is 2wice as nice

    I used to have that alarm clock, but I never used it as such, but as a radio instead.

  • OMG Losers

    Become adults…you- getting laid with THAT?! Kids’ stuff. Very impressive for the women…

  • Idiots

    Did you people going on about gettin laid ever think he has a steady stream of the pussy and doesnt give a damn. Odds are she thinks its awesome cause she like alla us 90’s preteens did cause 90’s nick was unequivocally the shit.