Something Impressive


Ever wonder what is in your sewer pipes?

  • E

    What the hell was that??

  • Anonymous


  • Daisy

    More like I’ll never eat again.

  • K

    my god!
    what the fuck are those things?!

  • Jennifer

    It’s a bryozoa.
    Usually they live in water, but these nasties r living in the sewer, noming on ur shit.

  • Steve

    Yeah, it’s just a colony of worms basically.



    it lookd like a face

  • MarkmBha

    It is not a colony of worms because it has a nervous system (contractions); therefore it is more than likly an organism which baffels the mind!?

  • Rush

    It was like they were looking into my soul.

  • Anonymous

    It actually IS a colony of worms. When one worm reacts, it sets of a quick chain reaction, making ALL the worms contract rather quickly, almost in unison, making it look like one organism moving at the stimuli. Google reigns supreme.

  • Turnip head

    It looked like that thing from the cowboy bebop episode “toys in the attic”…

  • Anon

    Its actually most likely an internal video of someones intestine… although it may appear alien, it is most likely human. See the way the camera moves? the snake-like motion? My best guess is its an intestinal inspection.

  • Anonymous

    tubifex worms

  • Anonymous

    it’s the zerg!

  • Superior Anon

    You are a fucking retard. Is there a little river of dirty water flowing along your intestine? Are your intestines made of brick?!

  • TheGabe

    You’re an idiot anon. That’s the least likely thing it could be. It’s a colony of tubifex worms. I’ve seen this video many a time, and always with some retarded caption like “Alien creature found in sewer” or whatever. It’s not. It’s a perfectly common aquatic creature.

  • Natasha

    It is worms, they are reacting in unison due to the heat given off by the cameras light.

  • Ben

    this makes me want to flush a ton of bleach.

  • tubeflex worms … my fish Oscar used to love em .. They’re like fish crack

  • Harry Barracuda

    No way man, haven’t you seen Alien? They edited the video because it leapt out and grabbed onto his face like John Hurt. And then it’s going to come bursting out of his chest like in the movie. Be afraid. Be very afraid. No one in space can hear you be very afraid. Or something.

  • Chico Guerrera
  • admin

    Thanks, I’m sure everyone has heard of this by now. I only posted this before it went viral. To those who haven’t seen it yet, enjoy.

  • thatguy

    this made me want to go pull a kobe and go to the bathroom to ejaculate on the worms faces

  • Michael

    Did anyone other than me read what was in the top left hand corner. That was from a city in Cameroon. Africa people. Not the best sewer systems in the world.

  • um um um

    that is the most disgusting thing i’ve ever seen.
    not ok.
    not ok.
    not ok.
    ewww lol