Something Impressive


September 11, 2010


The creators of the bed have decided to put it up for auction.

  • can someone please tell me where I can find this, or the person that knows how to make this custom?! I need it!

  • Murat Caner

    Looks like cool

  • Fez

    Good luck getting laid on that bed

  • kat

    oh wow being female… i WANT or least a guy with same NES tastes

  • JT

    Good luck NOT getting laid in that bed….by me.

  • JT
  • Brian

    urhg, uhh, mmmmmuh, ffuuuh….. NERDGASM!!!!!

  • stuart

    good luck getting laid on that bed … UNLESS YOU’VE GOT YOURSELF A PRINCESS

  • donny

    konami code ftw

  • Peter

    Why do I have to be married. My wife would divorce me if she came home to find that on our bed. . . .it’s almost worth it though.

  • tehgirl

    You guys are crazy. I’d love if a guy had those bedsheets. The NES was awesome.

  • tehgirl

    The nerdy decor, on the other hand… wtf is with the shield?

  • Tim

    I’m amused no one mentioned the Zelda Shield in the back on the dresser… lol this is by far WIN.. and im sorry but this would DEFINITELY get u laid.

  • pathtic

    all of you are asses its a nice bed and you start talking about sex in it fuck you all and tehgirl ur a obvs a troll go suck onyour mother dick or some thing troll fuck

    fuck you all

  • NintendoNerd

    Have this bed if you never want to get laid.

  • I would sleep with most any guy with these great tastes… might even swing me to the lesbo side if need be.

  • Devi

    I’m personally just amused that it gives the world a chance to tastefully put ‘entertainment system’ on a bed.

  • Cynthia

    Yeah, I want those bed linens… are they on the market or just custom.

  • When they try to have sex and it is not working, she takes his penis and blows it.

  • Suzie

    My boyfriend and I would really love that. o_o

  • Anonymous

    I grew up a nintendo girl and I’d def. tap a boy that had those bed sheets. I might try and convince my bf to let me put them on our bed, actually. <3

  • shloopa

    Look no further!

  • Anonymous

    no one here wants to ever get laid huh?

  • GetALife

    Seriously, what is up with all the Nintendo rtards? This may be a good idea for a 12 year old kid, but an adult? You must still be living at home. Move out and grow up.

  • rymor

    Zelda, duh!


    Sega Genesis bedsheets would be way more awesome!

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  • Ashley

    I love Nintendo so I have to say I’d have these sheets in a heartbeat, or lay a boy who had these sheets in a heartbeat. That’d be a deal sealer. Although, whoever said that was a Zelda shield is very, very wrong. That is far from a Hylian shield.

  • Jaime

    Not even close to a Hylian shield. You’re right, Ashley. Maybe those who keep saying this bed is lame and will never get you laid should stop dating shallow bitches. I’m pushing 30 and immediately thought about how my boyfriend of the last 5 years would LOOOOOVE this bed set for his birthday. And you know what? I’d do him in it. Then right after that, we’d fire up the Wii for a little Lego Star Wars. Eat it, punks.

  • Alexa

    Ummm… I’m a 22 year old female working in the games industry, I have a long term partner and a place of my own and I would TOTALLY sleep/whatever in this bed. I want these sheets! People who say “grow up” and crap like that obviously had their sense of fun surgically removed at a young age and turned into a boring jaded person too soon to be saved.

  • Wolf

    I’m a female, and I would have no problem having sex on that bed. Because it’s awesome.

  • Crystal

    I love this bed. Brings back some GREAT memories. I’d curl up on it and someone find some old OMNI magazines!

  • Lara

    Get these sheets if you WANT to get laid. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m a female and I really hope my boyfriend and I get these..awesomesauce

  • Nita

    I have to agree with Lara and the others: this bed WILL get you laid. Atleast it would get me going! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Oni

    Danm i need to get these sheets so i can get all the hot nerdy chick action too!

  • Why do I have to be married. My wife would divorce me if she came home to find that on our bed. . . .itโ€™s almost worth it though.

  • Ryan

    Now all you need is some pajamas designed like a Super Mario Bros. 3 cartridge.

  • myShitsTHEshitperiod

    I wonder if Ive ever seen any of you ladies at E3 or the Tokyo Games. Hope you all show up to ComiCon as nintendo themed hotties… but you gotta let me pick Samus first. She’s like the ULTIMATE nintendo sexy chick. I currently study computer animation and game design so I may end up creating the newest hottness for that ass to rock. LOL! Ladies Love Cool Games. LOL!

    Oh, and to all you un-nerdy fucks saying this bed ain’t cool, I’m 27 and I’d so totally get laid in this bed. My bed has currently Bowser on it, and when I ask if ladies want to see my “Lizard”, they NEVER complain later about the sheets. Step your fuckin’ game up, learn to unhook a bra and grow an ACTUAL penis without Detachable written on it and maybe chicks worth more than one-nighter troll hunting will look your direction. Some of us learned a LOT from Mario. Idiots. Call us retards offline next time.

  • Dani

    I’m a 25 year old female in the gaming industry, I live on my own, and have no problem getting laid, and i have legend of zelda bedding that i made ๐Ÿ˜€ and u can’t forget about my super mario curtains in the living room!!

  • Latonia

    So the bed is awesome. I would totaly lay a guy with the bed, however, the nerdy decor would put a damper on my ability’s not to laugh during the “lay.”

  • ZELDA242

    is there any way to get this. i want it for my bed. i own so much nintendo stuff but it’s not enough. please let me know if i can buy this somewhere, thanks.

  • RandomGirl

    That guy would get brownie points with me. I don’t think he would have trouble,lol.

  • Stfu.

    It is called hobbies and interests. So why don’t you loosen up. There is nothing from your childhood you still enjoy?

  • Sexy_Gamer_Chick

    OMFG I WANT THIS! D: (and that Zelda shield is the shit, lol). Seriously. This makes me wanna go make myself an Xbox pillow. Too bad I don’t know how to sew… xD But seriously, I need this so bad D:

  • He obviously didn’t enjoy his childhood, so I’d venture a guess and say no. No, there isn’t.

  • Wes

    What? Girls walk in that room and their clothes just fall right off.

  • NeuroDiverse

    OMNI mag ftw!

  • Kitten

    are you kidding? Id love if my husband did something like this to our bed. its awesome!

  • Too bad she’s in another castle.

  • V

    My apartment is so pimp, this would totally pimp it to the mother fu cken max nigggazzz

  • V

    Don’t tell me you don’t sit around on your fat ass playing PS3 or Xbox in your mommy’s house. Let me tell you, in a couple years, your system will stop working. I’ve had mine since 1985 and it’s still pimpin’… oh and honey I’ve been paying my rent and my bills since I was 16 (hm, 5 years?). And not once have I needed financial assistance.

    But, you know, you’re right. Maybe I do need to get a life, seeing how I have to work 12 hour shifts, nights and days, and go to school at the same time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Donatelo


  • Austin

    Do you still have to blow in it to get things started?

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  • Tess

    OHMYGAWD! I thought i was the only one who said awesomesauce! ftw

  • Anon

    I bet this guy’s mom bought him that so he wont find a girl and move out

  • weirdos

    ts me….uh oh yea sheets. these sheets would have sex with me and my hand….uh ,,just forget it im going back to moms couch. goodnite.

  • weirdos

    now where was i,sheets oh yea that reminds me i haven’t been laid and these sheets remind me of sex so uh, duh oh yea sex in these sheets would be awesome, i have nothing intelligent to say so that’s about it. uh so to recap:my filthy sheets are….no no what was i talkin about again?sex…sheets …Nintendo oh yea i wanna have sex with my little wii inside one of those old Nintendo systems with a ps3 smacked upside my perverted non-sex having Sega genesis sweat pant wearing goofy ass. nite nite

  • Zeldafan

    Hey man, think twice, there are plenty of nerd girls in this day and age, hell, nerds are the new cool people, get with the times, guy!

  • Stephen

    i want those sheets!

  • Stephanny

    I literally said, “Oh. My. Fucking. God.”

    I rarely respond to awesome things I find online verbally.

  • Stephanny

    Your wife is lame. You need a wife like me!

  • Jasmine

    I would totally make the sauce on that bed ๐Ÿ˜€

  • ilul’d

    You said you’ve had -your- system since 1985, but you’ve been paying your bills for 5 years (and since you were 16 no doubt.) So… 16+5=21… You were born in 1989, and some fucked up time paradox allowed you to own your nes 4 years prior to your own conception? That’s real win…

  • 8-Bit Gamer

    Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start. That’s what you do when getting laid in that bed.


    Ive been laid in these sheets!

  • chrissssssssss

    i just came

  • Dale

    Fuck yeah

  • Kace

    I NEED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tori

    I don’t get it… I’m a girl and I absolutely love this. I want this, and I want to get laid in this bed.

    • Tyrant-Osaurus Wrecks!

      Phone # or it’s not gonna happen.

  • If there were ever an EPIC bed this one takes the cake. THat is one of the coolest things I have ever seen!

  • Davina

    Is there any way of finding out how to get this made or where I can get one? I’ve been searching everywhere!! Help please? <3

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  • Heather

    OMG. I want this bed. I’d totally go for a guy who had it.

  • Lelele

    Seriously, I want this bed and this would totally be a turn on because THAT IS SO AWESOME! I just don’t know if I want to be sexing on THAT bed… is it dry clean only? lol

  • jen

    I can make this! I made one for myself. I make the controller pillows a lot and sell them at craft fairs and just made a comforter similar to this.

    • Mattman

      can you make a king size bed set like this $$$$$? how much ?

  • Chrystal

    That would be incredible, Jen! You should start selling them.

  • Zach

    Please, please, please, please, please, please, please sell this! OMG. My heart litterally stopped when I saw this.

  • Emily

    I can make this. Supplies and time would be factored into the price though

  • dj-cnyl

    Emily I want 1,can you find out prices to make it?

  • Melissa

    My boyfriend would hate me for this, but this is so awesome. I want it.

  • Anonymous

    How do you buy it?, there is not link for purchase!!!!

  • Anonymous

    K. No one has answered the question of where I can buy these. Me and the hubby need this set.

  • Samantha

    i freaking adore this im obsessed with nintendo! please someone make this for me ill pay big $$$$ if i got to lol someone contact me PLEASE!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Good thing is, I would get laid in this bed. My girlfriend and I play video games all the time, and shes damn hot. So, I win.

  • Gabby

    My bf is a gamer, and i know how much he would really enjoy this. Christmas is around the corner, and I want to get him something special. Can Someone please tell me where to get this?

  • Bobbi Rae

    Is this or anything similar as well as accessories actually available for purchase?

  • felicia

    this is amazing! and to the first few comments…. if he’s hot that just makes it better but the controller bed is why i came over! haha ya know what i mean. LOVE IT!!

  • felicia

    oh and i’m a fashion designer and i’m going to try to make this….. if i can you’ll see it on my facebook….

  • My son wants this for christmas where can i purchase this??

    • Sorry, they aren’t for sale anywhere.

    • Lys

      This bed was hand made by a family so there is just one set. If you’re good with sewing you can make your own!

  • Lys

    For everyone that wants to know this bedding was made by a family so there is only one set, if you want your own, make it! It would make it a more special gift to your loved one if it was made by you :]

  • Ck

    I loved this bedset so much I decided to recreate it ๐Ÿ˜€
    I’ve actually started selling them on Etsy if anyone cares to take a look ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Your a douche cunt

      In other words you stole this good idea and are using it to gain profit?

      • I hate stupid people

        Like 95% of the rest of the world, moron.

      • You’re*. Douche.

        • Your a douche cunt

          Ok my douchiness aside, why the fuck do people suddenly care about the proper use of your, you’re, to, their and all those others? It’s an internet god damn forum, why do you care about grammar? It’s not like I’m not aware of how to use each, I just don’t think about things like that when I’m quickly (and while stoned) posting about things. Also, “You’re*. Douche.” is a much more poor use of the english language anyway. So suck a dick douche bag.

          • *much poorer… *English…

            I don’t care that much, your name made me do it. Otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered.

          • Anon

            This argument didn’t need to happen. Period.

    • Jayme

      Please make more!

    • crazy-girl93

      That’s awesome CK! I was actually looking to buy this set for my boyfriend but couldn’t find it. Ill go to etsy and order it thanks!

    • Michelle Lindqvist

      Hi, I clicked on you link but it says that you donยดt make them anymore. is there any change that you can make one more for me. My boyfriend is absolutly crazy about nintendo !! Please, please.
      please contanct me at if you are intrested or not ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Kendalizor

      Says that it’s not available. Booooooh.

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  • how much


  • postulio

    Anyone can make me one? I’ll pay of course.

  • Mega Thingz

    Video Game Tester Jobs – Get Paid To Play Video Games!

  • Nice

  • Kendalizor

    I can’t find this anywhere. …sigh… ๐Ÿ™