Something Impressive

Tower of Ass

March 13, 2009

After unanimously deciding that Doritos Jalapeno Cheese crackers are not fit for human consumption, Marc and I made a fat stack of them in attempts to get internet-famous.

Supreme Gluttony

March 12, 2009

Bacon strips, bacon sausage, ham sausage, ham slices, smoked pork sausage and roasted pork belly surrounded by ground sausage shaped into a pig, wrapped in bacon and roasted. Garnished with chili ears and tail.


Also check out Scanwiches: scans of sandwiches for education and delight.


March 11, 2009

This is the second installation in my “office” series.  I focused more on what I would rather be doing instead of working this time around.  Clearly my bizarre personality is coming through more, which is important, as my goal is to become internet-famous.  I also gave special attention to color treatment throughout.  Enjoy!
(Click on the image for the full series)

What’ll You have?

March 1, 2009

Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Glitch as Art

February 20, 2009

I’ve always been a fan of glitches ever since the days of Zelda 64.  Currently I’ve been trying to see the “glitch” as art.  Let me know how you think this series turned out.